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Geek Out

Raed an ebook

Magic treehouse on DVD

Magic treehouse on DVD

Took an architectural tour of Columbia, Indiana

It was very cool to take this self paced walking tour via cell phone! 

The photo is the front of the Cleo Rogers Memorial Library, which was designed by I. M. Pei in 1969.


I read "Adventures of Captain Underpants"

I liked that at the end he got hypnotized again and ran outside and said "Tra la laaaa

looked up what "Non omnis moriar" means

read the geek dad guide to fun

I completed an electronic game 3 times

I watched TV for five hours straight yesterday!!!

I'm not addicted to the TV or anything but Americas Got Talent was on! All new episodes were playing (well...I have not seen them at least). So anyway, I stayed in my pajamas all day. One of my lazy days. Ahh...relaxing... :)

reading plus note-taking economics

i....READ A TUMBLEBOOK! (it was creepy)

Rewatched "Thor" on Blu-Ray

How much more amazing is that movie when it is clear and loud? Awesomely amazing!

Watched CNN with my Dad

watched a 60 minute episode on CNBC

It was about the rarity of truffles...weird right?

reading about micro/macro economics

Watched Star Trek The Next Generation Season 6 Disk 4

read a non fiction book

read a non fiction book about butterflies.

got a new kindle

 online videos, games, and books!