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non fiction book

Is It Right to Fight? Sometimes it is fun to have play fight with my brother. And sometimes we have real fighting is not that much fun.

wii game

I played cooking mamma with my sister. In the wii i maked egg nodel. My sister made popcorn.

playing at school

I got a reward for finishing my summer bridge book. I played with my friend at school and had a lunch together. It's a lot of fun.

I learned about space at SkyLab

I went in the giant bubble to learn about stars.

The EARTH Book by Todd Parr. It's about the ways we can help the earth.

non fiction

From IDEA to Book by Pam Marshall.

Read The Loser List

Not A Great Book in MY OPINION. If your a boy, I guess that this is a book for you ;P Don't recommend this at all

Read NERDS: M Is for Mama's Boy

Just as Great as the First Book. Can't Wait to Read Book Three!

Read NERDS: National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society

A Very cool and interesting book, love it

Read Geek Chic: The Zoey Zone

It was an ok book, don't reccomend it though =|

read-my first computer guide

you have to on the computer to start takes a few seconds to start it up. sometimes you have to click 2 & sometimes 1 time. clicking 2 times is called a double click.

Explained How to Use a Computer in Russian

My host in Kiev had a very rudimentary understanding of her computer, and I had to explain to her some of the basics of how to use a word processing program. She didn't speak English, however, so I had to use all of the technical computer Russian I remembered to help.

I played lego with my brother. It's fun.

I have been more aware of the play of light and shadow in my photography this summer

I looked out my front door this morning and saw the shadowed reflection of my garden frog.  Grabbed my camera before the sun went back behind the clouds.

I read the wold book of geniuses.

Read The New York Times on my iPod

I read some of the articles about the Olympics.

Got a job working with computers

I get to tag videos and it's an interesting experience learning more about computers and the tags.

taught my daughter how to create a digital photo album

i made a digital photo book with my Mom

Listened to Tejano music in the car

I checked out Hangin' on by a Thread by the group Texas Tornados. I like listening to this while I'm in the car; it's upbeat and puts me in a good mood.