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Game On

Mario Kart


drew and made bracelet for July 4th.

I went to a Detroit Tigers baseball game.

The Tigers played the Minnesota Twins and lost 4-6 after a good try at a comeback late in the game.

pbs kids

I watched pbs kids on the computer and played some games too.

i read a book

i read the Yours Truly, Skye O'Shea book and its really good. its about a sixth-grade sensation hockey player named Skye Beryl O'Shea that is trying to do her best in middle school.


I play DEER DRIVE on Wii.

read a book



I finished The Hunger Games series!!!

The Hunger Games series is seriously addicting. I recommend it to everybody who likes action and romance. Books add a little sparkle to life, you know? Let the games begin! :)

Went mountain biking and hiking to treasure hunt

We put a trailer on my Mom's bike so we coudl ride to places near the woods, then go in and explore for treasures.

I went to a baseball clinic at Commerica Park

Lots to learn and lots of kids!

Played Settlers of Cataan with friends.

Went to a Tiger's Game with some friends from the neighborhood!

went put-put golfing!!

watched rudy

Read Beginning Baseball

I even asked my mom if we could bring this to T-ball and show the other kids how to play.

We watched the US Olympics qualifying in swimming.

I enjoyed watching swimming competition. I am learning how to swim so that someday I may participate in Olympics.

I practiced pitching baseballs

I read a book with a golf tournament plot