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Game On

I go swimming a lot!

I played hockey

NHL Word Finder Activity

Want to earn your Game On badge with a fun hockey activity? Try this NHL word search puzzle from Pucks and Pixels.

The Olympics on Film

Want to get into the Olympic Spirit?  Check out one of the many films that celebrate the dedication and passion of the athletes and the thrills of the Games. 

The first Olympics [videodisc]: Athens 1896 by a Larry White/Gary Allison production in association with Sony Pictures Television Inc.

Chariots of fire [videodisc] by Allied Stars presents an Enigma production

i played tennis

I read a book about the Detroit Lions!!!

read a hockey rule book

basketball camp

I played chess at the Open chess in our library.

I am a beginner and I tried hard and had loads of fun!:)

Went to a Toledo Mud Hens baseball game

On Saturday my family drove a short hour down to Toledo, OH to attend a Toledo Mud Hens Minor League Baseball game. The Mud Hens played the Norfolk Tides and lost by one run in an extra inning. After the game ended they put on a fantastic fireworks show that was, dare I say it, better than the fireworks at Comerica Park after a Tigers game (gasp!) Tickets are only 9-12$ and you can't find a bad seat in the park!

I played Hello Kitty on Wii

Read Change-up

Change-up: mystery at the World Series by John Feinstein —  Two Teenage reporters solve a mystery in the midst of covering the World Series.  It's a good mystery and a lot of exciting baseball too.

i wached a football game on t.v.

played a game with friends

with my neighborhhod friends i played a active tag game

i played a game on the compuer

read CHEER, confessons of a wannabe cheerleader

went to Open Chess

Watched dvd on Red Wings 2008 Stanley Cup victory

Since they didn't make it very far in the finals this year, my son and I decided to watch them win in 2008...


I played some fireworks. It's fun.

I read a book about Cricket

It tell how to bat,bowl, wicketkeeping and field. Junior games like Kwik cricket started to make easy for kids.