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Game On

Played Balderdash, yahtzee and othello with my family

I'm the queen of Othello in my family!

read Watch me throw the ball

Went to a Minnesota Twins baseball game

went out biking wid mom and dad

Went Biking

i biked to heritage park, the summit the library and back home and i also read a book about nadal the tennis player

I played baseball outside with my dad and friends

I Hoops of Steel

I read Gym Candy

went out side ad play a soccer game

watch a baseball game

i watched a baseball game with my family and it was intresting....

played tennis today


going to see detriot tigers game

detroit tigers game

me and my dad played phase ten

it was fun with dad.

went to the tigers stadium for a tour and got to go in visitors locker room

i got to go where only people with specail badges get to go: way up top where the people who speak for the game!

Ball control

Good ball control is essential for any soccer player. Getting the feel of the ball, moving on with the ball, foot control, highball,special controls and playing in a team.

I read a book on golf- Tee Off!You can play Golf

On a bright summer day 2friends gofor a golf lessons and their instructor Eddie explains about thegame first and then teaches how to play the game.

I read a book - How Baseball works

Thebook tells about the rules of the game, famous players, tools, history of baseball, ways to hold the ball, swinging the bat and pitcher.

I played the BIG BOGGLE word game with my mom.