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Game On

I played Laser Tag at Craig's Cruisers

My family and I traveled to Grand Rapids where I played laser tag with my dad, sister, and uncle.

Watched Olympics Girls Basketball

It was The U.S vs. China, but the U.S team won!

Went to a Tigers Baseball Game

Went two days ago with my Dad and the game was so fun! I was even so close to catching a ball that was two rows behind us! It also rained really hard during the beggining of the game which got me and my Dad SOAKING WET! GO DETROIT TIGERS Cuz they rock and won the game! =D

Watched Olympics Boys Gymnastics

Sadly, The boys did pretty terrible with all of their deductions for the U.S =(

Watched The Olympics Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball Is Just like Volleyball but with sand (Or at the Beach) The Sand makes it harder for the players (2 for each team) to jump

Watched Olympics Volleyball

The Volleyball games were fun to watch =D

Watched The Olympics

Watched Girls Gymnastics


I love to swim and i take classes at YMCA.I know how to do freestyle and backstroke. my favorite is freestyle

Read Book - Swimming (J797.21)

I Like to Swim and I am going to Swim class in YMCA. I read this book and learn some warmup excercises. Outdoor pool is dangerous during lightning and thunder. I know to swim freestyle and dive. I like to learn butterfly style of swimming.

Played Games on Beach

In Ukraine. Got to practice my Russian at the same time, because there were two Americans in the group and the rest of the group was mostly russophone Ukrainians. Games included a version of monkey in the middle, frisbee, etc.

Watched the Olympic opening ceremony

Watching the Olympics, women's gymnastics is on tonight

Those young women offer amazing skill on the vault!

I watched beach volleyball olympics.

Watched the Olympic tennis matches

I was so happy that Murray won! As the commentator said Andy Murray finally found his moment!

Watched some of the olympic coverage of women's track and field

Jamaica's Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, beat American, Carmelita Jeter, buit it was really close!  Both of those girls are crazy fast!

I went to a baseball game and I read about baseball.


I've spent the summer cheering my favorite Softball team on to victory. 

Went to the MGM Grand as part of hubby's birthday celebration.

Played video poker and actually came home a winner!

Watched the Olympics

I played two rounds of Mall Madness

There is a sale at the Phone Store!