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Curtains Up

I saw Ice age 3D

Watched the film "Through My Eyes"

I watched a sad movie called Contagion!!!

My mom wanted me to watch a movie called Contagion with her, so I watched most of it (I watched it while playing on the computer). It wasn't scary but I thought that it was really sad. It's about a disease that kills many people. Nothing spreads like fear... :(

watched big miracle with my friends

watched color purple

I watched two movies

they were Madagascar and cars2

I watched a movie with my friend

I watched big miracle.

watched Easy A

This was a fun, fluffy movie.

i watched Ice age-continental drift today with my family.

I watched 'Despicable me' with my friends on friday.

Watched the movie "People Like Us"

I watched Hoot

Also a children's book by Carl Hiaasen

I watched The Lightning Thief

It's a great movie!

read-superstars the doodlebops

the doodlebops name was deedee rooney but wher is moe.

Music in the park

We went to music in the park in downtown Plymouth and in Ann Arbor. We read books too!

watched In Time

This movie was just okay. The writing wasn't very good and it felt like the creators didn't think the audience was very smart.

Watched Singin' in the Rain on the Big Screen *swoon*

I went with some family to what used to be Canton Cinema 6 to see Singin' in the Rain on the big screen. It was fabulous. Clearly sponsored by Turner Classic Movies, one of the best parts was the introduction, when host Robert Osborne interviewed Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor, among others, about the making of the movie. It was a great experience. My favorite dance number was Moses Supposes, followed closely by Good Mornin'. If you missed it:

Other movies with Gene Kelly

Watched John Adams movie

"Letters to Juliet"

Read Beezus and Ramona