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Curtains Up

i went to go see Step Up Revolution

I started to watch Adventures in Oydessy seriers.

The stories taught a lot of good things.

Watched the Three Stooges

Tuesday evening my husband and I watched the new Three Stooges movie.  I didn't expect much from it and it didn't deliver much in return.  I did enjoy that the movie was split into 3 shorter episodes like the original shows/movies. 

I also found it entertaining that there was a disclaimer at the end explaining that all the props were rubber and kids should not try the stunts at home.

Watched Wanderlust

Last night I couldn't sleep so I watched Wanderlust with Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd.  It was pretty good, I'd give it a 7.5/10.  The comedy is much more raw/raunchy than what I'm use to seeing Jennifer Aniston do, but she nailed it.

Went to see Brave!

Cute movie! I didn't expect the plot as it was, since they didn't advertise it much. But I enjoyed it!

I finished reading Beezus and Ramona by Beaverly Cleary

is about a little girl named Ramona and her big sister Beezus . Ramona is a very naugthty girl . Cause a lots of trouble .

watched brave

its about a girl who wants to change her fate but turns her mother into a bear and her brothers....

watched Amazing Spiderman

its a pg13 movie. i got a little scared . in the movie a boy gets bit by a rare spider. a mad sientists tries to metamorphe into half animal half human....

Made Repeated Requests for a Few Favorite Songs

Philadelphia chickens: a too-illogical zoological musical revue music by Sandra Boynton & Michael Ford — Track 1: Cows. Track 6: Puppy. Two of the best songs in the world. The cows really get into the whole Curtains Up experience. I like to sing along.

We went to Impression 5 Museum and Grand Rapid Public Museum, and visit Lansing Capital.

saw brave at the theater with my family

Saw Brave at the theater with my family

Went Ziplining at Camp

I watch madagasger 3D wi th my family

you have to work hard to reach or achieve your also tells that team work really works.

Watched Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, season 6

Watched Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Season 6

Watched Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, season 6

music show

I attended Copper Tom's show at the library. He's funny. I even sang along with him. I love the music.

Watched the movie Hanna

Besides being an exciting film it had an excellent soundtrack.

Danced in a dance performance

it was an indian dance ballet held on june 30.