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Curtains Up

I saw the hunger games

It was really cool but the book was better.

Did a puppet show with their stuffed animals about building a community.

Read Hugo

Tell a joke

Said a joke

Read Hugo

I watched the movie Men in Black 3 in 3D

Read books and watched movies based on them with myy family

Put on a awesome super funny puppet show.

watched a movie with a friend at home

My friend Parker came over and we watched the Garfield Movie. It was really funny.

i saw rock of ages

I watched SWAT

Last night I watched the movie SWAT with my husband.  It was the first time I had seen it and I thought it was really good for a predictable, adrenaline pumbing action flick.

I saw Men in Black III in 3D

I saw Men inBlack III in 3D with my husbad and his brother.  None of us raelly cared for it.  We all agreed that the first Men in Black was the best.  I was disappointed that Tommy Lee Jones didn't have a larger part in the third movie.

Watched Men in Black 3

Watched Madagascar 3

It was hilarious!!

Read books and watched movies based on them.

Read books and watched movies based on them.

I went to the movies with my family and watched Madagascar 3.

Alex the lion is my favorite character in the movie.

I read a book while I was listening to music.

Madagascar 3 in 3D

My family watched the movie Madagascar 3 in 3D. We really enjoyed it.