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Curtains Up

Read a Book While Listening to Music

Read while I listened to Music

I read Secrets, Lies, and Algebra, while I listened to some cool, calming Indian Music. It really helped me focus on the book.

I watched the movie Hunger Games

I got so obsessed with the book that i HAD to watch the movie.

I did the Movie Challenge Activity 2

The 2 movies i watched were Madagascar and Shrek the Third!!!! Both of them are really funny!!!

Read "The Art of Thor"

I'm always interested in the goings-on behind the scenes of movies. Some of the artwork in this book is just so beautiful. I love Loki's throwing knives!

I saw the ugly duckling at Wayne State

I saw the ugly duckling at Wayne State

Movie Challenge 2: Earn a Secret Badge

Movie Challenge 2: watch two (or more) animated movies by Dreamworks to earn your Curtains Up Badge. To earn a super secret badge too, make a comment to this very post here ranking what you watched.

Shrek [videodisc] by Dreamworks Pictures presents a PDI/ DreamWorks production

Spirit [videodisc]: stallion of the Cimarron by [presented by] DreamWorks Pictures

Wrote a poem and shared it with my writing group

danced with my sister

in 2nd grade i was the prinsess in a play

i was a puppet prinsess

Adult Fiction made into Movies

Saw a 4-D Nature film at the Zoo

This was a first for me, what a cool experience!

Saw Happy Feet Mumble's Wild Ride

I saw brave

Went to the drive in to see Madagascar 3

Read the play the Emperors New Hair with my daughter.

I read the play Spiderella with my daughter.

Saw Pixar's 'Brave'

I read a book Dancing with the Indians

A boy and a girl with their parents are egoing to see their grandpa and with the seminole indians who were doing different types of dances they reached home at night.