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Curtains Up

watched cars

watched all men in black


watched men in black3

watched dispicable me

watched men in black 2

watched cars

watched men in black

watched cars2

watched cars 2

watched avengers

funny movie

i watched despicable me

i watched madagascar 3 europes most wanted with my mom

the movie was so funny, sad, and scary a little. :)

puppet show

I played a puppet show at the library with some friends. I had a good time.

I hosted a wedding shower for my niece

Watch One of These Great Movies Based Off a Book

i watched the lightning thief, a movie based off of the original novel form the Percy Jackson series. it is about how modern day people clash into ancient Greek mythology

i read a book called The King of Shadows

This is about a young actor who travels in time and gets to act in front of the queen, and participate in plays in which the real Shakespeare is in!

I watched Dinosaur Train DVD

Watched the movie Madgascar 3

Filmed my dog playing fetch

I used my iPod Touch to film a short video of my dog playing in my backyard. I had never used it for videos before, even though I use it to take still photographs all the time. For being a small device, it picks up sound pretty well and takes a decent picture!


The Berenstain Bears--HALLOWEEN TREATS!