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Curtains Up

Went to Madagascar with my Grandma then played the game at the library

I went to see the new Madagascar movie with my Grandma, then my Mom took me to the Canton library to play the Madagascar game on the computer.

DIA Free Admission for Canton Residents

Now in its third year, Inside|Out brings reproductions of great treasures from the Detroit Institute of Arts into the community.  After discovering these pieces around Canton, visit the real thing at the DIA on July 15 when Canton residents receive free museum admission. Present your driver’s license or state ID and receive four complimentary general admissions to the Detroit Institute of Arts. Does not include admission to special exhibitions.

Watched I Am Number Four

Though it didn't do so well in the Box Office when It came out, I thought I Am Number Four was a pretty excellent movie. I read the book a while back and really enjoyed it. The movie did an okay job sticking to the book, but of course they can't fit in everything. Still...I <3 Alex Pettifer so I really enjoyed it :D

watched Attack the Block

I enjoyed this sci-fi action movie about an alien invasion. The creature effects designers made some wise choices and the result was effective.

watched storage wars

Movie Challenge 3: Earn a Secret Badge

Movie Challenge 3: watch two (or more) James Bond movies to earn your Curtains Up Badge. To earn a super secret badge too, make a comment to this very post here ranking what you watched.

Die another day [videodisc] by [presented by] Albert R. Broccoli's Eon Productions Limited

Casino Royale [videodisc] by Famous Artist Productions

watched rudy

Read Shrek

My mom read this book to my sister and me.

Read Shrek

My mom read this book to my sister and me.

I saw the movie Brave

I read Acting Out: Six One-Act Plays!

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Read and Watched Twilight

Watched National LampoonsVacation

Went to the movie, "Brave".

Great movie! My kids loved it. It was great that the *mother* was saved.

watched dinosaur train

good movie

Watched a Movie

watched marvel's avengers

Read "The Making of Avatar".

It is so cool learning how James Cameron used motion-capture and performance-capture cameras to make the movie. Also, the pictures and writing in this book were really informative and fun.

funny bood

read FUNNY RIDDLES by Jacqueline Horsfall.

I watched the movie of a book that i read

I read the prisoner of askaban and watched the movie. The movie had more action, but the book had more detail.