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Curtains Up

Watched the movie The Way

Watched the lorax on dvd

watched, "This Means War"

i went to see the amazing spiderman

I watched fireworks at night on the 4th of July!!!

I kinda got startled because some people had really loud firecrackers (probably illegal) and some people had fireworks that go high in the air. My family had the fireworks that shoot colorful sparks on the ground. It was like a little movie to watch all of those magnificent colors! My brothers and I lit a lot of sparklers too. They looked like little sparks dancing around in the night! It was very delightful. Anyway, we had to wait until late at night to do all of this because it started to rain so it wasn't as fun. It was so wet out! Oh well, holidays are never perfect... :)

Watched a Classical music flashmob in Sabadell, Spain on

I admit it I am a nerd about flashmobs, they make me cry.

Saw Big Miracle

Read Eragon

The Inheritance Cycle is the best set of books I've ever read. I read them all in a weekend!

watch movie

play cars and watch the movie--Cars.

I told (really bad) knock knock jokes to my mom

Watched "Bootmen"

An Australian film about a tap dancer who starts up his own tap dancing group. The final tap dancing scene was spectacular: the dancers used props that could be found in a mill or factory to make extra tap noises. It was so cool and after watching this movie, regular tap dancing is just not cool enough anymore.

Watched "Billy Elliot"

Watched "The Great Raid" for the third time!

Love this WWII movie about the liberation of the Japanese POW camp in the Philippines. I always feel that the Pacific theatre of the war is forgotten by a lot of those learning about WWII, but it has some of the most brutal battles and POW camps of the war.

Reading "A Clash of Kings" by George R.R. Martin

The second book of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series that the HBO television show "Game of Thrones" is based on. These books are so long, but they go by very quickly.

I watched the "Secret of Arriety" based on The Borrowers

I liked how the cat tried to get Arriety, but then became her friend.

Dream Stories

I heard professional storyteller Jean Bolley share "Dream Stories" with us.

Read The Small Rain

The small rain by Madeleine L'Engle — A slowish story about a young pianist ( hence Curtains Up) who loses her mother, goes to boarding school, and tries to find romance while also trying to become an accomplished musician. I enjoyed it more for the sake of the author than the characters or storyline.

"I Am Number Four"

read a book

What has teeth but can't bite? Haha...A comb.

Watched the movie Flipped

I read the book this summer and found it cute. The movie actually follows the book really well. I suggest it if you want to be entertained with a cute teen movie.