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Librarian shortage threatens services

Canton Observer
Thursday, February 18, 1988

Librarian shortage threatens services
By Susan Buck
staff writer

[Caption: 'If we should have even one librarian leave, we would have difficulties filling the position.' — Rebecca Havenstein-Coughlin, Canton Public Library]

Technology, pay scales and a decline in the popularity of public service jobs are creating a shortage of public librarians in the nation, experts say.

In the past five years, public libraries have seen a dwindling of job applicants especially in children's librarian positions and those positions that require extensive technical knowledge.

As computer databases, cassettes and compact discs join newspapers, magazines and books, the United States is confronting a shortage of public librarians to help sort through the glut of information.

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Library opens to rave reviews

Library opens to rave reviews

By Diane Gale
staff writer

A stream of visitors flooded Canton's new library on opening day Monday.

And responses about the new digs glowed.

"It's absolutely gorgeous," said Mary Giera, a Westland resident at the library Monday. Her husband, Chuck, said he was surprised by the large collection of computer related books.

"The layout is great," Mary said. "A lot of planning went into it."

The 31,500-square-foot library, next to township hall on Canton Center south of Proctor, features reading areas with a fireplace and tapestry, study areas, meeting rooms and an expansive children's section.

"It's a lot bigger than I expected," said Michelle McGrail, who was researching astrology in preparation for a speech.

Library gets rave reviews

Part 2 of a news story published November 17, 1988. Published in the Canton Observer and Eccentric.
Library gets rave reviews
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"We wanted to come down here and see what we're paying for," said Lee Schulte, a Canton resident, referring to a 1-mill tax approved in 1986. "It looks like they made plans for expansions."

He was on a self-guided tour Monday with his wife, Mary Ann, who said she was "eager to go home and tell" their two daughters in high school and college "that they have a great place to study."

MARY LINK of Canton compared the new with the old location, 12,000 square feet on the third floor of township hall. "It's nice and roomy" as opposed to "crowded and noisy," she said. "It's a lot easier to find things."

Children's Tour

A tour of the Children's Library, with the "Purple Room" visible in the background.