Young Artists in Picture Books

These picture books featuring budding artists will get your creative juices flowing!

A piece of chalk by Jennifer A Ericsson

A little girl creates a colored chalk drawing on her driveway.

Emily's blue period by Cathleen Daly

After her parents get divorced, Emily finds comfort in making and learning about art.

When a child works alongside her parents doing carpentry, sewing, and gardening, she thinks of being an artist as well when she grows up.

Bridget's beret by Tom Lichtenheld

When Bridget loses the beret that provides her with artistic inspiration like other great artists, she thinks she will never be able to draw again.

Anna's art adventure by Bjørn Sortland

On her search for the art museum's bathroom, Anna meets famous artists, becomes part of some of their paintings, and makes her own art.

Louie by Will Hillenbrand

Louie the pig loves to draw but it gets him thrown out of every school he attends, so he goes to live with his aunt and uncle who help him realize he has a wonderful talent.

Painting the wind by Patricia MacLachlan

Several artists who paint different things, with different kinds of paint, and at different times of the day, all paint the same island that they visit each summer.

Let's go, Hugo! by Angela N Dominguez

After conquering his fear of flying, talented artist Hugo the bird makes a new friend and explores his beloved city of Paris.

Tommaso and the missing line by Matteo Pericoli

When Tommaso discovers that a line is missing from his favorite drawing, he goes looking for it all around town and notices many lines he never saw before.

The imaginary garden by Andrew Larsen