WILD BADGE ALERT: The Early Bird Gets the Badge!

In addition to the 52 standard badges you can earn all summer long by participating in Connect Your Summer, we will be featuring 5 "wild badges" which will be available for a limited time only. Be sure to check back throughout the summer, or else you might miss one!

The first wild badge of the summer is the Early Bird badge, which you earn by claiming any badge prior to the CYS Kickoff party on Monday, June 20th. That's right-claim a badge between June 1st and June 19th, and you'll get an addition chance to win a prize with the Early Bird badge.


I cannot wait to get started on earning badges with my kids!

So excited! It's my first time!

Can someone please tell me how exactly do I add the books that I've read on here?? Any info will be greatly appreciated it. Thanks!

When you click on the badge to claim it, you will have an opportunity to tell us how: in the text box under "What I Did" type in the title of the book you read to earn the badge. You can also upload a picture of the cover if you are so inclined.