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Tales from India

Explore India's cultural tales with these finds in the Children's Department collection!

Retells the Hindu tale of a heroic prince and his bride who are separated by the demon prince Ravana until the Monkey Army of Hanuman, god of the wind, helps them.

Brahma dreaming by John Jackson

Draws eight stories from well-known collections of Indian folktales--Hitopadesha tales, Jataka tales, and Panchantra tales--and presents them with cartoon-like illustrations.

Sita : daughter of the Earth by Saraswati Nagpal

Sita, the princess of Videha, is forced to leave behind the luxury of royal comforts and live the life of a forest dweller after being kidnapped by the wicked demon-king Ravana.

Indian tales by Shenaaz Nanji

Presents an anthology of traditional tales from different regions of India.

Adapted from the East Indian story "Nagami," this version of the tale is rich with the traditions and culture of India while also conveying the universal values of the Cinderella story. Watercolors depict Indian life and styles.

Sita's Ramayana by Samhita Arni

A graphic novel adaptation of the ancient Indian legend in which Rama, an incarnation of the god Vishnu, forces his wife Sita to undergo an ordeal by fire to prove she is pure after she is abducted by Ravanna.

Presents a collection of traditional folk tales from different regions of India.

Crocodile wants to feast on Monkey's heart and Monkey must outsmart him if he is to continue to enjoy eating mangoes all day.