Summer Jams

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We have got you covered on some music to groove to this summer! Whether you are having a social distancing or virtual block party this summer, or your family is enjoying a backyard cookout, we want to provide you with some options for a summer soundtrack. We have two playlists to choose from on multiple platforms to stream or download for later. We also have provided some links below to our in house music collection as well as digital titles for you to download for free with your Canton Public Library card! 


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Programs and More!

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Exclusive CPL Playlists 

Each of these playlists features a different mix of songs for you to enjoy this summer. 

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Make Your Own Playlists

Check our newest music CDs here or browse the CPL catalog by clicking here. Make sure to select "music" from the drop-down menu
No CD player? No Problem! You can use your CPL card to check out albums on Hoopla for free!