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Suggested Titles For Kindergarten


The following titles may be enjoyed by Kindergartners. All readers are at different levels and have different interests, so not all titles will appeal to, or be appropriate for, all readers. For additional recommendations, ask at the Children's Reference Desk.


Fiction books for Kindergartners can be found in a variety of locations, including J PICTURE BOOK, J READER, KIDS GRAPHIC NOVEL, and J FICTION. Click on each title for location and availability.

Andy, Also by Maxwell Eaton

Andy, a crabby alligator, is a reluctant friend to Preston, an enthusiastic coyote pup.

A ladybug invites the reader to play a game of "let's pretend".

The good for nothing button by Charise Mericle Harper

"Yellow Bird has found a button and wants to share it with Red Bird and Blue Bird. This is just an ordinary button. It does not do anything when you press it. But when Red Bird and Blue Bird give it try, they are delighted to find that the button does not do nothing, and that is something!"--.

Mouse loves school by Lauren Thompson

Hiding inside a backpack, Mouse spends the day at school, discovering colors, letters, numbers, and his favorite thing--friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Green, two alligators, go fishing.

My bike by Byron Barton

Tom tells all about his bicycle, his ride to work past trucks, cars, and even elephants, and his work as a circus performer.

Pete the Cat bites into a bad banana and vows never to eat bananas again, even though he generally likes the fruit.

Pig and Cat are pals by Douglas Florian

"Pig and Cat are pals, but now Pig wants to play with Dog"--.

Prince Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold
Also available in: e-book

Buzz is writing a fairy tale for homework, and Fly Guy naturally assumes the role of a handsome prince who fends off a giant and rescues a beautiful princess.

The super crazy cat dance by Aron Nels Steinke

A young girl who is enthusiastic about cats describes a special dance.


Nonfiction for Kindergartners can be found on many topics throughout the CHILDREN'S NONFICTION collection. Click on titles for exact location and availability.

Join Buddy Bison and his two new friends as they explore the majestic Yellowstone National Park. 

Exploring Earth by Mary Austen

Readers will enjoy taking a closer look at some of the most fascinating things about the planet we call home.

Presents a collection of humorous pet-themed jokes and riddles that stars Martha the talking dog.

Presents a collection of Guinness world records featuring dogs, including the longest ears, the world's highest jump, and the smallest service dog.

Presents simple facts about baseball, including terms, positions, and plays.

I have a cold by Lisa M Herrington

Offers a comforting introduction to what might happen when something unexpected - like a cold - comes along.

This fascinating picture book memoir about NASA astronaut Scott Kelly takes readers on a journey through his childhood as an average student to his record-breaking year among the stars.

Sea snakes by Gale George

Looks at sea snakes, describing their physical features, life cycle, habitats, ability to breathe underwater, and dangers they face from climate change.

Veterinarians help by Dee Ready

Simple text and photographs present veterinarians and their role in the community.

Presents an overview of the office of the president, exploring how they are elected, where they live, and what they do at work.