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Suggested Mystery Books for Second Grade


Have fun finding your way through these great mystery titles.  Books are suggested for Second Grade, but remember that each reader is different and might find something interesting at another level.

When Watson the dog goes missing on the day of his appointment at the groomers, Charlie and Lewis race against the clock find him in time for his grooming, while introducing the mathematical principles of telling time and tracking how it passes.

I lost my tooth! by Mo Willems

Friends search for Zoom Squirrel's missing baby tooth. Includes "acorn-y jokes" and "cool facts."

Minnie's barnyard friends find a way to make her feel better when a bad dream upsets her and sends her bed rolling into town on Halloween night.

When the bone Old Mother Hubbard bought to reward her clever dog disappears from her cupboard, she encounters many familiar characters while trying to catch the thief.

Eight-year-old aspiring magician Oliver and his rabbit sidekick Benny must solve a mysterious robbery to save their act.

Wallace and Grace take the case by 1967- Heather Alexander

Owl detectives Wallace and Grace solve the mystery of the spooky garden.