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Suggested Mystery Books by Grade Level


Put on your detective cap and get sleuthing with one of these mystery stories.  Grade levels are suggested, but remember that each reader is different and might find something interesting at another level. Under each grade is a link for even more titles.


Fred and Velma want to debunk the stories of ghosts and ghouls at Crystal Cove after the kids of Mystery Incorporated arrive in the small village, but the locals do not seem anxious to have their mysteries solved.

Detective Jeffrey Bones hates taking math tests, especially one he has forgotten to study for, so when his test paper goes missing he must make a choice--retake the test and try to do better, or find the missing paper.

Daniel's mystery egg by Alma Flor Ada

When he finds an egg, Daniel and his friends try to guess what is inside.

After Detective Dinosaur and Officer Pterodactyl find a missing baby wearing pink diapers and a home for Cadet Kitty, they lose and rediscover each other.

Pigsticks and Harold chase down a thief when the Spirit of Tuptown prize goes missing and other things around town start disappearing.

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First Grade

While Ballet Cat and Sparkles the Pony are trying to decide what to play, they each share an important secret.

Detectives Wilcox and Griswold investigate the snatching of Miss Rabbit's carrot cake on Ed's farm.

Computer meltdown by Scott Sonneborn

It is Christmas eve, and Santa's computer with its naughty and nice lists has disappeared. It's up to the North Police elves to solve the mystery before it is too late.

Just before the Mother Gooseland Games, hard-boiled detective Joe Dumpty is called upon to solve the mystery of what made Jack and Jill fall down the hill--and who took Jack's prized crown after the fall.

Nate the Great and the snowy trail by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

When Rosamond's birthday gift for Nate disappears from her sled, the boy detective decides to unravel the mystery.

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Second Grade

Amy and the missing puppy by Callie Barkley

During Spring Break, mystery lover Amy looks for clues to the disappearance of wealthy Ms. Sullivan's Saint Bernard puppy.

Buttercup mystery by Kristin Earhart

Willa and Ben must find out who is poisoning the Starlings' new horse, Buttercup, before it is too late.

While using her photographic memory to find her missing science fair project, Cam accidentally locates two valuable gold coins.

Meet Myron: a third-grade detective who loves logic, facts, and solving mysteries. When the school kitchen at his new school is burgled, leaving the morning snacks nowhere to be found, Myron gets his chance to crack the case with help from his classmates from Resource Room 15.

Mercy Watson fights crime by Kate DiCamillo

Mercy the pig's love of buttered toast leads to the capture of a small thief who would rather be a cowboy.

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Third Grade

Annie's adventures by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

On New Year's Eve, the Octuplets Huit--Annie, Durinda, Georgia, Jackie, Marcia, Petal, Rebecca, and Zinnia--discover that their parents are missing, and then uncover a mysterious note instructing them that each must find her power and her gift if they want to know what happened to their parents.

The diamond mystery by Martin Widmark

Jerry and Maya help a local jewelry store owner investigate when several valuable diamonds go missing from his shop.

Mr. Chickee's messy mission by Christopher Paul Curtis

Flint Future Detective Club members Steven Carter and his friends Russell and Richelle follow Russell's dog, Rodney Rodent, into a mural to chase a demonic-looking gnome, only to find the mysterious Mr. Chickee on the other side.

When Scooby-Doo and the gang arrive at Professor Dinkley's archaeological dig in Mexico, they find Velma's uncle missing, and the workers terrified of chupacabras and Aztec gods.  The reader of this book must help them solve the mystery.

Zombie cows! by Michael Broad

Amelia, a young secret agent, investigates some robotic animals, an enchanting music teacher, and a pair of remarkably beautiful twin bakers with a dastardly plot, all while avoiding her nemesis, Trudy Hart.

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Fourth Grade

Enola Holmes, much younger sister of detective Sherlock Holmes, must travel to London in disguise to unravel the disappearance of her missing mother.

The magician's elephant by Kate DiCamillo

When ten-year-old orphan Peter Augustus Duchene encounters a fortune teller in the marketplace one day and she tells him that his sister, who is presumed dead, is in fact alive, he embarks on a remarkable series of adventures as he desperately tries to find her.

After a series of robberies strike Half Moon Bay, sibling sleuths Nick and Tesla build robots out of household objects in order to catch the culprits.

The secret of zoom by Lynne Jonell

Ten-year-old Christina lives a sheltered life until she discovers a secret tunnel, an evil plot to enslave orphans, and a mysterious source of energy known as zoom.

Theodore Boone uses his knowledge and skills to investigate the disappearance of his best friend, April, after police hit dead ends.

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Fifth Grade

Twelve-year-old Teddy investigates when a popular Texas zoo's star attraction, Henry the hippopotamus, is murdered.

Cryptid hunters by Roland Smith

Twins, Grace and Marty, along with a mysterious uncle, are dropped into the middle of the Congolese jungle in search of their missing photojournalist parents.

When a skeleton's head rolled off a dirt pile, all work came to a halt at a construction project in upstate New York. Archaeologists began excavating and found thirteen skeletons. Further investigation revealed that the bones were those of eighteenth-century African American slaves who had worked at the nearby Schuyler farm. Find out what these skeletons tell us about slavery and daily life long ago.

At Knight's Haddon, a remote all-girls boarding school, feisty orphan Edie is assigned to spy on fragile, exotic Anastasia. Instead, the two become best friends and discover a sinister mystery.

Thirteen-year-old Lemony Snicket begins his apprenticeship with S. Theodora Markson of the secretive V.F.D. in the tiny dot of a town called Stain'd By The Sea, where he helps investigate the theft of a statue.

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Sixth Grade

The devil's breath by David Gilman

When fifteen-year-old Max Gordon's environmentalist-adventurer father goes missing while working in Namibia and Max becomes the target of a would-be assassin at his school in England, he decides he must follow his father to Africa and find him before they both are killed.

Dream life by Lauren Mechling

Claire Voyante's dreams lead her to investigate the New York secret society that her best friend is being initiated into, while at the same time she tries to keep her own psychic powers a secret.

The pharaoh's secret by Marissa Moss

When fourteen-year-old Talibah and her ten-year-old brother, Adom, visit modern-day Egypt with their historian-father, they become involved in a mystery surrounding Hatshepsut, a woman pharoah, and Senenmut, architect of her mortuary tomb, as well as their own deceased mother.

Dashiell Gibson, who lives on Moon Base Alpha, has to solve a murder of one of the moon's most prominent doctors.

The White House by Roland Smith

Q (Quest) and Angela make it to the White House in Washington, D.C. to find that it is even harder to determine who are the "good" and "bad" guys than ever before.

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