StArt STEAM - Young Rembrandts Power of Drawing

This program was created by a group of educators, designers and fine artists who recognized that learning to see and create visual arts is essential to a child’s learning process and development of critical, cognitive brain-training skills. It is based on drawing skill sets that form the core foundation for all of the visual arts including graphic art, fine arts and cartooning. By teaching children how to break down complex objects into basic, elemental shapes, they learn how to deconstruct and reconstruct images using a variety of engaging and relevant subject matter. It is about understanding visual relationships and how certain elements, when combined, form a whole. Learning to draw is about how to express oneself visually as well as solving problems and finding creative solutions, not to mention having a ton of FUN!

Attend this hands on drawing workshop and experience samplings of cartooning, design, and realistic drawing. This program is recommended for children ages 5-12 and parents are welcome to observe the class!

No registration required.

Upcoming sessions

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My son Arya Patel 9 yo is interested in the workshop. Please can I register him? Thanks. Jigna Patel

Hello there to the Patels,

Arya is in the perfect age range for the program. No registration is required. He can just come on in.

Thanks for asking, Nichole Welz

Program Librarian