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Starfish University: "Why Aren't my Child and I Clicking?"

During this free, new, 4-week series, Starfish University takes on the question, "Why aren't my child and I clicking?" by exploring Attachment Theory in parenting. 

Research says that parents and caregivers can have a greater impact on children’s outcomes than early childhood interventions.  Thus it is critical for Starfish to provide a wide range of robust programs to support parents (grandparents, caregivers, etc)  to build up their adult capacity and increase their effectiveness in supporting children.

Starfish University aims to help parents and caregivers develop a full range of skills and resources.  In doing so, the program supports all four SFS goals to ensure that parents have (1) Hope, confidence and motivation to grow and succeed, (2) A positive social / professional network, (3) Parenting knowledge skills and resources, and (4) Stability through access to resources in basic needs, economic opportunity, training and education. The "University" will be in session at multiple locations from May 2 - August 29 with topics ranging from Natural Hair Care to Scrapbooking to Friend of the Court Workshops. Please contact Jackee Brown to register for the CPL class.

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