Spooky Tunes

To create a festive spirit during Halloween, check out the following spooky tunes. Albums below can be found either in our CD collection or on Hoopla, and some are in both formats where noted.

You can also enjoy our Monster Mash playlist, available to listen to with a free Spotify account.

Addams Family theme song -- Boo, boo, black cat -- Creepy, crawley creature -- Fugue in D minor -- Spooky "E" sounds --- Oh my monster, Frankenstein -- Did you ever see a ghoulie? -- A haunting we will go -- Do you know the Invisible Man? -- Jack-o'-lantern in the window -- Kitty cat costume -- The "L" song -- Monster mash -- Nive nervous nightcrawlers -- Spooky "O" sounds -- Purple people eater -- Quickly, quickly, children -- Rats go marching -- If you're scary and you know it -- Trick, trick, trick or treat -- Underneath the stairs -- One vampire -- We've been working with the witches -- See, see my x-ray -- Yakety yak (Halloween's back!) -- Five little zombies.

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Monster mash -- Theme from the Addams Family -- Addams groove (from The Addams Family) -- Ghostbusters -- The Munsters theme -- This is Halloween (from The nightmare before Christmas) -- Thriller -- The time warp (from The Rocky horror picture show) -- Ding dong the witch is dead (from The wizard of Oz) -- Casper, the friendly ghost -- Purple people eater -- Wooly bully

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Thriller(3:57) --Disturbia(3:28) --Candy Girl(3:29) --Witch Doctor(2:25) --Ghostbusters(3:23) --Werewolves Of London(3:39) --The Addams Family(2:57) --Monster Mash(3:22) --Scooby Doo, Where Are You?(1:41) --A Nightmare On My Street(3:48) --Somebody's Watching Me(3:48) --Purple People Eater(2:24) --Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead(2:55) --I Want Candy(2:51) --Spooky Sounds(4:59)

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Addams groove -- Happy (from "Despicable me 2") -- Ghostbusters (dance remix) -- The time warp (club mix) -- She blinded me with science -- Kung fu fighting -- Hedwig's theme (from Harry Potter) -- Trick or treat smell my feet -- Beetlejuice theme -- Who let the ghosts out ; Spooky stories. The ghost of Susie -- Nobody loves a pirate -- Bump in the night -- One Halloween night -- The witch in the tower ; Scary sounds. Alone? -- The wolves are coming -- Mad dog -- The sound of the wild -- The haunting -- Bewitched woods -- Whispers -- Bump in the night -- Creature in the woods -- Bone appetite

A scary very Halloween [sound recording] by Happy Racers (Musical group)

Puke in G minor -- What should I be for Halloween? -- The pumpkin patch -- The Addams family theme -- Candy -- Knock knock ding dong -- Stirring the brew -- The Munsters's theme -- Clowns just freak me out -- Dia de los muertos -- Monster mash -- Dracula's dragster -- Ghostbusters -- Spiders get lonely too -- Ding dong the witch is dead

Pumpkin on an Album Cover

It's Halloween by The Scary Gang -- available on Hoopla. Find more music on Hoopla by searching "Halloween," then limiting your search to Children's items and setting the format filter to music.