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Share a Story: Turkey Storytime

In case you missed our Turkey storytime this week, don't worry. Here are some of the fun stories and songs we shared, plus some extras to do your own wild turkey storytime at home.

From Storytime

Gobble, gobble by Cathryn Falwell

A child observes wild turkeys through the seasons. Includes facts about this classic American bird.



     Two little turkeys, sitting on a hill

     One named Jack and one named Jill

     Run away Jack, run away Jill

     Come back Jack, come back Jill



     One little turkey with nothing to do. He calls for his friend (Gobble, Gobble)

     And then there were...

     Two little turkeys sitting near a tree. They call for their friend (Gobble, Gobble)

     And then there were...

     Three little turkeys running along the shore. They call for their friend (Gobble, Gobble)

     And then there were...

     Four little turkeys so happy to be alive. They call for their friend (Gobble, Gobble)

     And then there were...

     Five little turkeys better run away. For soon it will be Thanksgiving Day.



From On the Banks of Plum Creek, we did the slate story that Ma tells the kids.


Hide-and-seek turkeys by Judith Ross Enderle

Children perform a school play about ten turkeys that hide in the farmer's house from a fox.



     Five speedy turkeys running toward home

     One trips and falls and starts to… ROLL

     She picks herself up and decides to slow down

     How many turkeys are left speeding through town?


More Songs and Stories to Enjoy

Bob and Tom by Denys Cazet

While thinking about what they should do with their day, two turkeys lose their names and learn about swimming suits.

A flock of clumsy turkeys disrupts a quiet night on the farm, but when the farmer threatens them, all the barnyard animals help the noisy birds hide.

Turkey on the loose by Sylvie Wickstrom

A turkey gets loose in an apartment house and creates havoc.

We listened to "Turkey Love Song" after the parachute.


HELLO MR. TURKEY (Tune: If You’re Happy and You Know It*)

     Hello Mr. Turkey, how are you? (clap, clap)

     Hello Mr. Turkey, how are you? (clap, clap)

     With a gobble, gobble, gobble (hand under chin, wiggle fingers)

     And a wobble, wobble, wobble (shake body)

     Hello Mr. Turkey, how are you? (clap, clap)