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Share a Story: Tiger Storytime


Did you miss our Tiger Storytime this week? Don't worry, here's what you missed, plus a few more suggestions so you can create your own big cat storytime at home, complete with songs and stories.

Don't need a full storytime? Borrow a rhyme when you need a short distraction, or check out these materials and spend a few minutes reading together.

From Storytime

Striped stalkers : at risk! by Felicia Macheske
Also available in: e-book

Young children are natural problem solvers and always looking for answers, especially when it involves animals. Using the photos and text, readers rely on visual literacy skills, reading, and reasoning as they solve the animal mystery. Find more animal guessing games in the Guess What series.

This lush picture book celebrates the beauty, diversity, and fragility of the animal world. Featuring more than 40 unique animal portraits and short poems to match.



Five little tigers out for a stroll

One tripped on a rock and started to… ROLL.

She bounced down a hill and landed with a flop.

How many tigers are left walking through the swamp?

[count down until there are no more tigers]

Tiger tiger by Jonny Lambert

Although Tiger thinks he is too old to play and explore, Cub refuses to sit still and leads Tiger on an adventure through the jungle. Lots of onomatopoeia.



Sneaky striped tigers come out to play, out to play, out to play,

Sneaky striped tigers come out to play, sneaky striped tigers!

Tigers stand up and tigers sit down, tigers stand up, tigers sit down,

Tigers stand up and tigers sit down Sneaky striped tigers!

Tigers bounce and tigers jump, tigers bounce, tigers jump,

Tigers bounce and tigers jump, Sneaky striped tigers!

Tigers twist and tigers hop, tigers twist, tigers hop,

Tigers twist and tigers hop, then all the tigers stop!

Credit: ACL

Squish squash squeeze! by Tracey Corderoy

When Mouse moves into his new house he is greeted by a crocodile, bear, and tiger who all claim there is no room in the house, even for a mouse.

More Songs and Stories to Enjoy

Read to tiger by S. J. Fore

A little boy who wants to read his book keeps being distracted by a tiger who is busy chomping on gum, growling, and practicing karate kicks.

Siberian tigers by Grace Hansen

Meet the biggest cat in the world--the Siberian tiger! Readers will learn all that is super-sized about this amazing mammal. 


Five little tigers letting out a roar - One went a way, and Then there were four.
Four little tigers climbing in a tree - One went away, and Then there were three.
Three little tigers eating tiger stew - One went away, and Then there were two.
Two little tigers lying in the sun - One ran away, and Then there was one.
One little tiger, afraid to be a hero - He went away, and Then there was zero.

From: Johnson County Library

Tiger vs. nightmare by illustrator Emily Tetri

Tiger is best friends with Monster who lives under her bed and scares nightmares away so Tiger has only good dreams, but waiting in the darkness is a nightmare so big and mean that Tiger and Monster will need to work together to chase it away.

Oh, no! by Candace Fleming

A series of animals falls into a deep hole, only to be saved at last by a very large rescuer.