Seeing Stars

The Perseid meteor shower will peak between August 11th and 13th. Before you look up, check out one of these books to learn more about the stars!

Examines the evolution of stars and galaxies, covering how the science of cosmology has changed over time to better understand the process.

Discover the stars by Cynthia Pratt Nicolson

Questions and answers explore various aspects of stars and our solar system, including the sun, planets, moons, comets, and asteroids.

The life and death of stars by Ray Spangenburg

A comprehensive look at stars and their "life cycle," from human's earliest observations of the constellations to recent discoveries about black holes and future space missions to study our sun and other stars.

Provides trivia on the planets, the Sun, and other celestial bodies, including the temperature on the surface of the Sun, why Pluto is considered a dwarf planet, and when and where one can see the next total solar eclipse.

Stars! stars! stars! by Bob Barner

Simple rhyming text describes stars and the planets of our solar system.

Watching the stars by Edana Eckart