Sam Shepard, 1943-2017

Sam Shepard was know by many as an Oscar-nominated Hollywood actor. But Shepard was also a Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, director, and actor.

"One of the most important and influential early writers in the Off Broadway movement, Mr. Shepard captured and chronicled the darker sides of American family life...He was widely regarded as one of the most original voices of his generation, winning praise from critics for his searing portraits of spouses, siblings and lovers struggling with issues of identity, failure and the fleeting nature of the American dream." - New York Times


The story of how seven cocky pilots became the astronauts of Project Mercury and pioneered America's launch into the space race.

Dark comedy about estranged brothers Austin (a Hollywood scriptwriter) and Lee (a petty thief and drifter).

A young, part-Sioux FBI agent is sent to solve a murder on an Indian reservation. There he meets the irreverent local sheriff and the tribe's religious leader, who helps the agent begin to understand his lost heritage. Gradually, he comes to believe that the U.S. government has framed an innocent man, but finds that he and those around him are thrown into danger because of his suspicions.

This sequel to Lonesome Dove pits legendary Texas Ranger Woodrow Call against his deadliest adversary ever.

At 16, Frances Farmer was an award-winning high-school student in Seattle--at 23, she was a rising and provocative star of stage and screen, admired for her beauty and talent--at 27, a chain of relatively insignificant events led to her arrest and eventual involuntary commital to a mental institution.

Howard Spence, a washed-up Western movie star, uses alcohol, drugs, and young women to escape from the pain of his life. One day he suddenly flees the set of his latest Western on horseback and goes to visit his mother in Nevada. She tells him that he might have a grown son in Montana, where he once had a fling with a local waitress. Howard sets out to meet his son with an insurance agent from his abandoned film in pursuit.0.

Travis, after having been missing for four years and presumed dead, emerges from the Texas desert with no memory of his past life. Travis's brother and sister-in-law reunite Travis with his son and help him reestablish his past, which includes his long-lost wife.

The one inside by Sam Shepard