Role-Playing Games

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Role-playing games are games of the imagination and are a great way to escape into another world. Players will go on adventures, solve problems with their teammates, and fight enemies.  What is your favorite role-playing system to play?


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Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons is a popular system set in a fantasy world. Here are some resources to get your Dungeons & Dragons game started.

  • D&D Beyond has guide books, character creation, and so much more.  Check out their Quarantine Resources and How to Play Online pages.
  • Remote D&D Free Materials are published daily through D & D's official website.
  • Fast Character is a great resource to create a randomly generated character when you can't decide what to play or to make quick character.
  • Homebrew Trinkets looking a way to add magic items to you adventure without overpowering your adventurers? This wiki page has hundreds of slightly magical items. 
  • D & D Shopping Catalog this fan made Google document is a complete shopping catalog for any adventure. This makes creating shopping inventory a lot easier. 
  • DnD Adventures for Kids is a great website with free and adventures written to be kid friendly.

Other RPG Systems

There hundreds of role-playing game systems other than D & D. Looking for something new or are you tired of the fantasy world setting?  Check out this list of the Top 10 RPGS by Dicebreaker. Or here are a few of our favorites:

Virtual Platforms and Aids

Looking for a way to play with friends without leaving your house? Here are some options to move your game to an online format. 

  • Roll20 is a online virtual tabletop system. The basic account is free with options to purchase rule books, maps, and adventures. Check out their Crash Course to get started.
  • Astral Tabletop is another online virtual tabletop system. The basic account is free. Users must purchase a subscription in order to access premium content.
  • Discord is a free chat, video, and voice service used frequently by the gaming community. This option is the most popular because it is 100% free and the easiest to use.
  • 7 Pixels Dice App: free and awesome dice simulator. For Android and iOS devices.



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