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Reading book reviews are a great way to find new titles to read, but have you ever considered writing them yourself? Sharing your critiques and compliments of books are a great way to help others evaluate whether they’re worth reading or not. Glowing reviews also help great books that just don’t happen to have a lot of marketing going into their publications, get more attention.

Anyone can write a book review, but there is an art to writing a good one that really tells others if a book is a good fit for them. Good book reviews are not too long, but at the same time get at what struck you most about the book. Book review readers want to know more than that you enjoyed it and would recommend it. You want to summarize the main themes of the book and pick out what you thought stood out to you the most (and whether it was good or bad). Compare it to other similar books.

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What are some places you can share your book reviews?

The most common book review websites are and, but who says you have to only leave your book reviews on sites people go to looking for reviews? Why not post them on Facebook or Instagram and see what your friends think? Maybe they’ll have some book review recommendations to give back to you!


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