Return To Hogwarts

View of Hogwarts school; a large castle on a mountain top

This school year is right around the corner and even though we are not sure what it will look like just yet, we can always count on returning to the majestic halls in Harry Potter's own Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Join us for a number of programs including Howell Nature Center's presentation of Fantastical Beasts, check out super fun activities and find out the best place to check out or listen to the Harry Potter books for free. 

Class List

Follow the links below to get more information about our Hogwarts programs coming up at Canton Public Library...

Extracurricular Hogwarts Goodies

Books to Aid Your Studies

Harry Potter crochet by Lucy Collin
Harry Potter origami by Maria S Barbo

Extra Credit

Have you completed your studies into all things Hogwarts? Have you read all the books and need more? Check out this blog for Harry Potter read-alikes.