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Are you ready to GET YOUR GAME ON? Gaming has many different formats, plays styles, genres, and are for ALL AGES! Below are resources for all ages and abilities. What kind of gamer are you? Share your gaming adventures with us by using the hashtag #howdoyou62.


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Party and Competitive Games

Looking for games to play with a group? Party and competitive games can be played with the people in your home, socially distancing in your backyard, or online with friends. 

Tabletop Games

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Tabletop games are games played as a group at a table. This includes board games, pen and paper role-playing games, card games, and so much more. Start a weekly family game night or play online with friends. 

  • Board Games: play a board game in your home or online with friends. 
  • Role-playing Games: role-playing games include Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu and so many more. They typically only require pencil, paper, dice, and your imagination to play.  
  • Competitive Card Games: Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon TCG, and Magic the Gathering are a few examples of card collecting games that can be played in person or virtually with friends. 


Photo by Robert Coelho on Unsplash

Video Games

Video games are a great way to escape, create, and socialize. Whether you prefer individual play, couch multiplayer, or online multiplayer, we have some ideas for you. 

  • Animal Crossing: the simulation game of your island escape!
  • Pokemon: from Pokemon Go to the Pokemon console games, we have you covered!
  • Best Multiplayer Games: the best games to play with others online or at home.
  • Best Games to Get Lost In: escape into these video game worlds and stories.
  • Movement Games: exercise and dance video games to keep you moving at home!

Challenge Your Brain Games

Keep your brain sharp with the following game ideas. These games can be completed individually or as a group activity. 

  • Escape Rooms: has players "locked" in a room. To "escape" players must solve puzzles, riddles, and find clues. Try one out today.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles: can be a relaxing activity with a wide range of skill and designs. Check out this list from Good Housekeeping with their top 14 puzzles you can purchase. Or you can try these virtual puzzles of famous art by Europeana.
  • Word and Number Puzzles: try the daily crossword puzzle from Or solve and share crossword puzzles from the Washington Post. Sudoku is a popular number game that can be played at or New York Times Sudoku.

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