Peter Tchoryk : Family Story

Joins us for an evening with local activist Peter Tchoryk. Peter is an aerospace engineer and father of three, including his young son Jacq Kai, who is transgender. Peter's family lives in Dexter and spoke publicly last year in support of the State Board of Education guidelines affirming LGBTQ student rights. As a result, his story and the story of his family has been featured in both local and national news. Peter will share his family's personal story and give a first hand look at the challenges facing the transgender community as well as the families that love them. Peter will be joined by special guest, Brianna Dee Kingsley, Chief Operations Officer at Equality Michigan. No registration required.

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Please sign me up for the meeting June 5th. Thanks.

Great News Kimberly - No registration is required for this event! We look forward to seeing you on June 5th.


Looking forward to this talk.