Parenting the Montessori Way

The Montessori method and philosophy is well proven and scientific. It is process oriented and helps the child normalize in a prepared environment and utilize his/her fullest potential. This method has worked for 100 plus years and if used will lay a solid foundation for your childrens' lives. The aim of this on-going program is to provide parents the necessary tools to prepare their environment to suit the needs of their child, to set simple and workable ground rules and to help their child build his/her concentration, confidence, coordination, independence and order. The program's vision is to create a positive and joyful parenting experience that helps the child develop in all aspects of life. Parents may receive lesson plans from actual school environments to use or make at home. This program is presented by the staff from Banyan Montessori Academy.

Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Children, Peaceful World - ​On September 22, listen to Motessorian Patti Yonka, discuss the relationships between the child, the adult and the environment. What does Montessori have to say about adults in the child’s life? How can peaceful adults [parents] affect the peace of the child? How can adults begin to see the world from the child’s eyes?
There will be a brief discussion regarding the adults that interact with the child: parents, teachers, grandparents, caregivers, etc. A little music, a little reflection and a little direction on what Montessori asks the adults to do: Transform!

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