Nurture Your Green Thumb (For Kids!)

Describes how to plant and grow a variety of colorful vegetables, including red corn, yellow watermelons, and multicolored radishes.

Provides step-by-step instructions for twenty-eight indoor or outdoor gardening adventures, including a salad garden window box, a spiral flower garden, and a butterfly paradise in a patio pot.

An introduction to gardening for children aged three to six that features fifty activities with simple instructions and easy-to-find materials.

The gardening book by Jane Bull

Provides an introduction to the basics of gardening along with some related activities.

Provides a guide to gardening, covering such subjects as preparing soil, fertilizing, and removing pests.

Learn how to grow all kinds of plants from seeds in this essential, easy-to-read primer.

Presents step-by-step, illustrated instructions for a variety of seasonal gardening projects for children, including how to create a hanging garden, strawberry basket, and compost bin.

Contains step-by-step instructions for over 120 hands-on gardening projects for children, covering everyday techniques, edible treats, flowers, crafts, and wildlife and indoor gardening, and includes a directory of plant profiles.