Modern Takes on Classic Literature

Love the classics? Try a modern retelling of one of your favorites. 


A monster's notes by Laurie Sheck
Prodigal son by Dean R. Koontz

Jane Eyre

Gemma Hardy, an orphan originally from Iceland, sets out on a journey to escape her oppressive upbringing, and finds independence and love.

Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye
Re Jane by Patricia Park

Pride and Prejudice

Eligible : a novel by Curtis Sittenfeld
Longbourn by Jo Baker



King Lear

Dark truths and long-suppressed emotions come to the surface in 1979 when a successful Iowa farmer decides to cut one of his daughters out of his will.

Romeo and Juliet

Juliet : a novel by Anne Fortier
Warm bodies : a novel by Isaac Marion

R, a zombie with no identity and no pulse, experiences a teenage boy's memories while consuming the young man's brain which leads him to initiate a relationship with the victim's human girlfriend Julie--a decision that transforms not only R's existence but that of his walking dead comrades.

The Tempest

The dream of perpetual motion by Dexter Clarence Palmer