Liked Justice League? Read These Comics!

Did you enjoy the latest DC movie, Justice League and want to read more about the characters? Check out these comics that feature the characters and storylines that inspired the movie.

The comic that inspired the movie tells a story of the formation of the Justice League and their battle against Darkseid. Steppenwolf also makes an appearance in this comic. 

Also available in: print

Looking for more old and cranky Batman? Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns features a 55 year old Batman that is wiser, edgier, and has little patience. Batman fights Two-Face, the Joker, and even Superman in this comic. We have two copies of this graphic novel a 1996 version and a 30 year anniversary edition

The world is now without Superman after his fatal battle against Doomsday. Four superheroes try to fill Superman's place, each claiming to be the new version, until the original is resurrected from the dead. 

Want to read more about Wonder Woman's life in the United States? This comic puts a new twist on Wonder Woman's origin story by taking place in present day. The sequel is Godwatch.

This digital comic features Aquaman who has never found a true home in either of the worlds that he was born of. In his undersea realm, Aquaman is both King and outsider and in the surface world, he's a hero and an outcast. 

This digital comic features Cyborg in his own solo series. His powers are evolving, and no one can explain why. In addition to new powers something in his technology is calling out between worlds-and the message has been received by invaders who will stop at nothing to possess it. 

Looking for more funny Flash moments? Read this version of flash written by CW's writers of the Flash TV show. This digital comic includes wise cracking jokes and comments on ridiculous super hero tropes.