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Learn and Try and New Winter Sport

"Using freeze frames and slow motion it demonstrates an easy step by step progression that teaches you to turn with control in powder".

Using slow motion, freeze frames, computer graphics and clear demonstrations, "Parallel Skiing" explains why and how skis turn and presents easy exercises that help you advance quickly to make good, controlled parallel turns.

Learn how to improve your technical skills through more than 30 drills, including crossovers, proper strides, quick starts, and more.

Grab your ticket and come along as skiers like Seth Morrison, Chris Davenport, and Julia Mancuso show you how the pros do it at some of the most extreme ski destinations on the planet.

Develop explosive skating power through the skills and drills in Laura Stamm's Power Skating DVD. This program will show you how to improve your skating in these key areas: balance and control, smooth and powerful stride, turning speed, lateral mobility, agility maneuvers and much more..

Learn the basics and see some of the advanced tools ice fishing pros are using today. Come with us now as we spend a day on one of the Idaho Panhandle's pristine lakes fishing for Northern Pike and pan fish.

Set on the fringe of society in a remote part of the Quebecois countryside, this takes a keen look at the unusual private life of a father and his daughter. Between his unremarkable jobs, Jean-Francois devotes an awkward energy to Julyvonne. The fragile balance of their relationship will be jeopardized by some bleak circumstances.