International Yoga Day: Resources for Kids

International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on June 21. Check out a title below to learn more about yoga, meditation, and their benefits for all ages. 


Yoga Bunny by Brian Russo

When Bunny wakes up, he finds it is the perfect morning to do yoga and wishes his friends would join him.

Lucy and Zach set up a yoga studio in the basement of their apartment building using potted plants from the lobby, door mats taken from various neighbors, and their very limited knowledge of yoga, on a day when snooty Mrs. Blankenship is giving her book club a tour.

I am yoga by Susan Verde

As a young girl practices various standard yoga poses, she imagines herself as a tree touching the sky, a playful dog, a warrior, and more while relaxing and seeing how she fits into the world.

"Sometimes children need a break from our noisy, overstimulating world. Charlotte and the Quiet Place shows how a child learns and practices mindful breathing on her own and experiences the beauty of silence"--.

Embarrassed by her clumsiness, eight-year-old Meena, an Asian Indian American girl, is reluctant to appear in the school play until she gains self-confidence by practicing yoga.

Instructional Books

You can do yoga by Alix Wood

Presents information about yoga, including meditation, breathing, exercises, and poses.

"A little boy begins taking yoga lessons at the zoo, where he learns that he can mimic the animals there with simple yoga poses"--.

Yoga for you by Rebecca Rissman

Describes the benefits of yoga for the body and the spirit and offers illustrations of yoga poses and breathing techniques.

"Learn how yoga can improve your health and make you feel more relaxed."--.

Presents a nightime yoga practice for young children in which they can use their imagination as they do the poses, including bending like a crescent moon, stretching like a tree, arching their back like a cat, and floating like a cloud.

CDs & DVDs

The feline puppet Guru, Swami Cat, teaches kids how to sing, laugh and stretch their way into 'purrr-fect' peace and a yogic life with fun yoga songs and stories..

Award-winning artist and yoga teacher Kira Willey is back with a unique collection of 30 one-minute mindfulness exercises that can be done seated, any time of day. It's perfect for classroom or home use, and great in the car. Experience tracks that can help calm; focus; inspire; energize; and destress.

Teach kids to greet the morning with joy and embark on their daily adventures with confidence. Turn the page, reach up to the sky, and get ready for a great day!.

Let your imagination blastoff into a galaxy far, far away! Kids yoga instructor Jodi Komitor leads three star-filled yoga practices for kids ages five and up.