Geeky Cooking & Crafts

Itching to create some Harry Potter or Star Wars goodies? Just looking for an outlet for your geekiness? Try one of these books and earn your Geek Out badge!

A detailed projects guide for fathers and sons living in the age of technology, with activities such as turning a room into a spaceship, and more.

Presents more than fifty recipes for snacks, meals, drinks, and desserts inspired by the superheroes of DC Comics, including Kryptonite Krunch granola, Green Arrow kebobs, and Plastic Man pudding.

A cookbook featuring thirty Star Wars-themed recipes for snacks, drinks, and desserts.

The Star Wars craft book by Bonnie Burton

Provides illustrated instructions to create Star Wars- themed crafts, including a Chewbacca sock puppet, an Ewok flower vase, an At-At herb garden, Hanukkah Droidels, Wookiee Pumpkins, Bounty Hunter Light-Switch Frames, and more.

Presents entertaining ideas for hosting a Star Wars theme party. Includes food recipes, craft projects, and games.

Detailed, step-by-step instructions to a number of polymer clay projects.

Knitting patterns for styles a vampire might wear and household items a vampire might own, as well as patterns to transform the wearer from person to werewolf.