December Open Lego Build: Winter Wonderland Vehicle

For this month, Lego engineers were challenged to build a Winter Wonderland Vehicle.

The requirements were;

  • Movement: how will your vehicle move through large amounts of snow?
  • Comfort: how does your vehicle keep you safe and warm?
  • Style: what makes your vehicle unique, cool, and awesome?
  1. Dron: created by Dron. This vehicle uses big wheels to go through the snow and the small wheels to go fast. It has a comfy chair and a race car design.
  2. Anti Gravity Spaceship: created by Sophie, Mylee, Noble, Denzel, and Austin. This vehicle floats, has a throne, and has room for a lot of people. 
  3. Zoomer: created by Mylee. This vehicle flies, changes the weather, and has horns so nothing can bonk into it. 
  4. Comfy Cot: created by Denzel. Is a super comfortable vehicle.
  5. Octo-Sled: created by Cain and Carly. This vehicle has wheels, can fly, has lots of windows, and uses an octopus to wash the windows. 
  6. Sleeping Snow Truck: created by Alex and Joseph. This vehicle has wheels, gas to move fast through snow, a coffee machine, torches, lights, and a jetpack. 
  7. Rover 3: created by Dron. This vehicle has a shield used for protection and shade. It also has a satellite engine so it never runs out of battery. 
  8. Horse Cart: created by Mehek. This vehicle has big wheels, soft carpet, a bell, and a horse drinking water.