Connect Your Summer FAQs

Who Can Participate?

Anyone! People of all ages who want to have a great summer.

How Do I Register?

Stop at any Reference Desk. We'll get you signed up and equip you with a StoryBox to get you started on a great summer.

What Do I Do with this StoryBox?

  • Use your StoryBox to keep all your fun summer stuff in one place: challenges, photos, mementos, and more.
  • Families or teams can use one StoryBox to simplify things, or have a box for each individual.
  • This is an opportunity to create a personalized record of all the great things you read and did this summer.
  • Take a look at our sample boxes, or check out some books on boxes to jump-start your inspiration.

How Do I Set a Goal?

  • Maybe you're a picture book lover and want to read one book per day.
  • Maybe you like books with a lot of pages, so it makes more sense to read one book per month.
  • Maybe you'd just like to read more frequently, so your goal is to read 20 minutes each day.
  • Maybe you'd like to read more widely, so you try to complete each themed challenge.
  • Maybe you'd like to read in a new language, or read books together as a family.

As you can see, everyone's goal might be very different. Stop by a Reference Desk for more ideas on how to set - and reach - your summer goal.

What is a Challenge?

There are two challenges in your StoryBox, and twenty-four more themed challenges available. Choose challenges that appeal to you and complete as many as you like toward your goal. Each challenge has three parts. 

  • The Experience is a clear way to benefit from library resources (read, watch, listen, attend a library program or activity)
  • Explore to learn more or reflect on your experience. Note topics, authors, or books you'd like to look into, or make time to write down your thoughts on your experience.
  • Engage and share your experience and connect with others in person, online, by writing, or at the library.

When you complete the Experience portion, you can turn in the bottom of your challenge sheet to be counted toward our community goal.

How do I Finish?

  • Completing the program is entirely up to you and the goal you set.
  • Completing a challenge consists of completing an Experience. You can read, watch, listen, attend a program or an in-library activity.
  • The Explore and Engage elements are for participants who want to add additional depth to their Connect Your Summer experiences.

Where Do I Get Suggestions to Complete Challenges?

Browse our Connect Your Summer page, and click on the suggestions under each themed challenge. You can also ask at any Reference Desk if you need additional ideas.

What if I Don't Like Reading?

Whether you've never been a "reader" or maybe you're just going through a reading drought, we've compiled a few suggestions and tips to enhance your reading experience this summer.