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Celebrate Yourself

Hey you! Yes, you! There is no one else like you in the world and that is something very special. In fact, you are worth celebrating just the way you are. Use our tips to enjoy time to yourself, create something special to you, or learn how to boost your confidence.

Sparkler in the snow by Jakob Owens courtesy of Unsplash

Ways to Celebrate Yourself

  • Take a break. Whether it’s a full vacation or just a day to yourself, take some time off! Do something you love; you deserve it.
  • Write yourself a letter. Tell yourself what you love about you and why. Tuck your letter away for when you need a mood booster.
  • Make a playlist. Create a musical ode to you! Fill it with songs that you love and make you happy. Listen to it whenever you need to recharge.
  • Create something. Even if you think don’t know how, make something that’s completely you! Get out a paintbrush or notebook and express yourself, because your vision matters.
  • Treat yourself. Everyone’s different – what is it that’s special for you? Maybe it’s taking a long bath or buying something you’ve had your eye on. Maybe it’s spending time with loved ones. Either way, decide what you want and allow yourself to have it!
  • Learn your history. Celebrate your whole family and trace your family tree with our collection of resources. Use your history as inspiration to live your best life. 
  • Make a mantra. A mantra can be a thought or phrase that motivates you or brings you joy. Choose the right mantra for you (find some suggestions here) and post it somewhere that you’ll see every day. Repeat it when you need a boost of confidence or a dose of happiness.
  • Take care of yourself. Health can mean many different things, but no matter which way you look at it, you deserve a healthy mind and body! Celebrate yourself by taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Check out our tips to Move Your Body, practice Mindfulness, explore Mental Harmony, or try a healthy recipe with our Test Kitchen

Books to Celebrate Yourself

Untamed by 1976- Glennon Doyle

Looking to explore self-confidence with kids? Check out this list of books to help little ones celebrate themselves!

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