Best Games to Get Lost In

Video games can be a great way to escape, explore different worlds, and have a lot of fun. Below are some of our favorites.

Explore Hyrule 100 years after the calamity of Gannon. I spent hours just wandering around the map, discovering secrets and enjoying the scenery.

Play as the outlaw, Arthur Morgan, in the Wild West. Hunt animals, plan heists, and explore in this open world game. Also available for Xbox One.

The post apocalyptic world of Horizon Zero Dawn is very unique.  You play as Aloy, a young hunter who is an outcast of her own tribe. As Aloy searches for her identity,  she uncovers the truth of the past and how to stop it from repeating.

Explore ancient Greece in this huge open world. Forge your own legend in this epic odyssey.  Also available for Xbox One.

This dystopian space RPG allows you to explore planets on your own space ship. All the quests have a theme of corporate vs individual. Who will you side with? Also available for Xbox One.

My favorite RPG for this generation of consoles. Play as Geralt, the Witcher, on his quest to find Ciri. Also available for Switch and Xbox One.



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