Asian & Asian American Picture Books

Looking for a great picture book to share with little ones? The following titles feature Asian and Asian American characters, as well as beautiful artwork and storytelling.  

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A big mooncake for little star by illustrator Grace Lin

Reimagines the cycles of the moon as a mother bakes a Big Moon Cookie and, despite Mama's request to wait, Little Star begins nibbling at it every night.

Cora cooks pancit by Dorina K Lazo Gilmore

When all her older siblings are away, Cora's mother finally lets her help make pancit, a Filipino noodle dish. Includes recipe for pancit.

I really want to see you, Grandma by illustrator Tarō Gomi

Yumi and her grandmother really want to see each other, but when they both set out from their homes at the same time they keep missing each other.

The most beautiful thing by 1980- Kao Kalia Yang

Drawn from Kao Kalia Yang's childhood experiences as a Hmong refugee, this heartfelt picture book offers a window into the life of a family with little money and a great deal of love.

Natsumi! by Susan Lendroth


The festival of traditional Japanese arts is coming up, and little Natsumi's big personality is too much for her family's quieter traditions, until her grandfather introduces her to taiko drumming.
Maggie's chopsticks by 1977- Alan Woo

Maggie has new chopsticks, but her family tells her that she is holding them all wrong, until Father comes along to tell her that she is unique and can do it her own way.

My day with Gong Gong by 1992- Sennah Yee

A day in Chinatown takes an unexpected turn when a bored little girl makes a connection with her grandpa. May isn't having fun on her trip through Chinatown with her grandfather. Gong Gong doesn't speak much English, and May can't understand Chinese. She's hungry, and bored with Gong Gong's errands. Plus, it seems like Gong Gong's friends are making fun of her! But just when May can't take any more, Gong Gong surprises her with a gift that reveals he's been paying more attention than she thought. With lighthearted, expressive illustrations by Elaine Chen, this charming debut expertly captures life in the cityand shows how small, shared moments of patience and care--and a dumpling or two--can help a child and grandparent bridge the generational and cultural gaps between them. 

A child describes the various little dishes of dim sum that she and her family enjoy on a visit to a restaurant in Chinatown.

The paper kingdom by Helena Ku Rhee
Apple pie 4th of July by Janet S Wong

A Chinese American child fears that the food her parents are preparing to sell on the Fourth of July will not be eaten.

Suki's kimono by Chieri Uegaki

Suki's favorite thing is her blue kimono and she has decided to wear it her first day back to school.

Bee-bim bop! by Linda Sue Park

A child, eager for a favorite meal, helps with the shopping, food preparation, and table setting.

A New Year's reunion by 1980- Li-Qiong Yu

Little Maomao, whose father works in faraway places, barely recognizes him when he comes home for his annual visit for Chinese New Year, but she quickly warms to him amidst the excitement of the holiday, and it seems the time passes much too quickly until he must leave again.