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After Elephant and Piggie, What Next?

A Big Guy Took My Ball Book Cover


It's no secret that many easy readers feature great friendships. Mo Willems' Elephant and Piggie books delight readers of all ages, but if you're in need of something new after the humorous hijinks of Piggie and Gerald, look no further. These easy readers are a great place to find more fast friends.

Give one of the following books, authors, or series a try.

What is chasing Duck? by Jan Thomas

Duck's imagination gets the best of him when he asks his critter companions for help escaping a mysterious pursuer. Find more of Jan Thomas' simple and humorous style at J READER THO.

A pig, a fox, and a box by Jonathan Fenske

After finding a box just the right size to hide in, a little fox tries to play some tricks on his big friend, Pig, but things do not work out exactly as he planned. Find more Pig and Fox, and other delightful characters at J READER FEN.

Meet Woof and Quack by Jamie Swenson

A dog and a duck get together to play an unusual game of fetch in the park. Find more Woof and Quack at J READER SWE.

While Ballet Cat and Sparkles the Pony are trying to decide what to play, they each share an important secret. Find more Ballet Cat adventures at J READER SHE.

Duck, Duck, Porcupine! by Salina Yoon

Big Duck likes to boss around her younger brother, Little Duck, and she fancies herself the leader of their trio when joined by their friend Porcupine. Follow the trials of Little Duck as he navigates the world of his big sister. Find more stories at J READER YOO.

Snail and Worm are best friends who support each other during a silly game of tag, through Snail's adventure up a flower stalk, and when Worm's pet goes missing. There's more Snail and Worm at J READER KUG.

Friends forever by illustrator 1969- Derek Anderson

Whether it's choosing new chairs, going for a walk, or looking for the moon, these best friends will always work together despite their differences. More Ally and Croc can be found at J READER AND.

Five tales recounting the adventures of two best friends. An old pair of friends, but find more of their humorous adventures at J READER LOB.

Of course, Elephant and Piggie have gone on to recommend a special series of books: Elephant and Piggie Like Reading, shelved under the authors' last names.