Actors Who Write Books

You may have heard that Tom Hanks, yes that Tom Hanks, had a book of short stories published recently. But did you know Julianne Moore writes a series of picture books for kids? Or that David Duchovny, of X-Files fame, has written three books? Krysten Ritter, aka Jessica Jones, published her first novel last year, and so did Wesley Snipes. Chris Colfer published both the last book in his Land of Stories children's series and his first novel for teens in 2017. Steve Martin, Hugh Laurie, Jesse Eisenberg, Al Roker, Lauren Graham, and Gene Wilder have all written books. 


The list below features fiction written by folks you've seen on the big and small screens (and one singer/songwriter). Check the list to find out if your favorite actor is also an author!

America's dad wrote a book of short stories! 

Colin Meloy, frontman for the Decemberists, has written a bestselling middle-grade trilogy called the Wildwood Chronicles, a short ghost story, and a picture book about Pete Seeger. This is his latest, published last year, a middle-grade book about an international band of kid pickpockets. 

Miss subways by David Duchovny

This is Duchovny's third novel, published last year. 

Novak published this wildly popular children's book in 2014 and his book of short stories, titled One More Thing, came out the same year. 

Stranger than fanfiction by Chris Colfer

Colfer's first YA novel was published in 2017, the same year the final book in his bestselling Land of Stories series came out. 

Bonfire : a novel by Krysten Ritter

Ritter's (aka Jessica Jones) well-received first novel was published in November 2017. 

Talon of God by Wesley Snipes

Snipes' first novel, a theological urban fantasy published in 2017, is an "entertaining thriller with enough swordplay, religious prophecy, and demonic threats to entertain readers across lots of different genres" (Kirkus).

Eisenberg's debut collection of short stories was published in 2014.

The first bad man by Miranda July

The First Bad Man is July's first novel. She also has a book of short stories published in 2008 and a non-fiction book about people who advertise in the penny saver classified ads, was published in 2011. 

Porcupine : a novel by Meg Tilly

Meg Tilly's middle-grade book about three siblings, led by oldest sister Jack, dealing with loss and change after their dad's death in Afghanistan forces them to move in with their grandma. 

The uber talented Martin has written three novels, a book of plays, a children's ABC book, a retelling of an early twentieth century fable, and published a book of his tweets. 

Just fly away by Andrew McCarthy

With the publication of his first novel in 2017, McCarthy joins Pretty in Pink costar Molly Ringwald in the author's club. 

A frecklefaced strawberry herself, Julianne Moore has written nine picture books featuring this fun redheaded character. 

Comedian Ferguson's novel is "profane on its surface, ethical at its core and always fun" (Kirkus). If you enjoyed The Late Late Show, you'll probably like this. 

Postcards from the edge by Carrie Fisher

Fisher wrote four novels (and a bunch of best-selling memoirs), but Postcards is her most well-known work of fiction. 

Before he was Dr. House, Hugh Laurie wrote a novel about an assassin with a soft heart. 

Franco's debut novel, Actors Anonymous, comes after the publication of his book of short stories and his book of poetry. 

Weatherman Al Roker wrote three mystery novels starring Billy Blessing, a celebrity chef turned sleuth.

Graham, perhaps best known as Lorelai Gilmore, published this well-received young adult novel in 2013. 

Wilder has written three novels and a book of short stories. This is his first novel, which "reads like a breeze. Outwardly sweet and simple, it has delightful complications and an ending that may surprise" (Library Journal). 

Pursuit [large print] by Gene Hackman

Hackman has written five novels. His most recent, Pursuit, was published in 2013. 

Albert Brooks wrote a dystopian novel. Need we say more?