Acting Up Theatre Troupe

Acting Up Theatre Company proudly presents "The Library of Rock" written by Chad Patterson:
When Tommy walks into the library of the town he just moved to, he is in for a surprise. The library from his old town of Dullsville was one that had big wooden shelves, hard wooden chairs and even more wooden people. He wouldn't even know that they were alive if they had not said, "Shhhh!" all the time. So the only things he knows about libraries are that they are places you sat, read and shut up. As he quickly finds out in his new town of Rockville, that is not what is expected at all: Music is celebrated, games are played, arts and crafts are made and you can never judge a book by its cover (literally and figuratively). He learns lessons about not judging books or people by the way they look on the outside and also learning to think outside the box and letting himself see things in a different light. Because he opens his mind, he sees that the library is so much more than just stuffy bookshelves and shushing; it is a place that truly rocks and is alive with art and culture!
Acting Up Theatre Company has been providing schools, institutions and libraries with its unique brand of educational theatre since 1996 and hopes to continue well into the new century.

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