Connect Your Summer 2017

This summer, the Canton Public Library wants you to have the BEST SUMMER EVER.  From June 1 to August 19, 2017 we invite you to spend your summer with us, experiencing new things, exploring those experiences, and engaging with others! Beginning June 1, come in and register for our Connect Your Summer reading program and get a StoryBox starter kit. Choose your challenges, set your goals and start creating super summer memories to save to in your StoryBox. Complete challenges by experiencing new things; if we earn enough challenges by the end of the summer, we will reach our Community Goal!

What is an experience?

An opportunity to have fun, learn new things, or create new memories. This can be reading a book, attending a program, or visiting the library to do an in-library activity.

How do I explore?

Explore your experience by reflecting on what you did, learning more, or digging deeper. This could mean reading a similar book or learning more about a topic, writing a journal entry, drawing a picture of your experience, and more!

How do I engage?

Share your experience and make connections! Tell someone else (a friend, family member, or neighbor) what you did. Share a review of what you experienced on Goodreads or IMDB. Connect with us and other participants by using the hashtag #CYSStoryBox on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

More Information

For more information about the program, check out our FAQ or have a chat with any of our staff members. 


Stuff for your StoryBox

Print out copies of challenges, or browse through suggestions for completing your challenges, by looking at the links and lists below.

My 2017 Summer Goal

Use this sheet as a starting point to make your own personalized goal for the summer, and then use the calendar portion of the sheet to track your progress. 


Use this challenge as an opportunity to explore and engage with a book of your choosing.


Use this challenge as an opportunity to explore and engage with a program at the library. 


From furry and fuzzy to slimy and scaly, experience the wild world of animals.


Create or appreciate works of the imagination.


Brighten your day with a good laugh.

Community Connection

Reach out, be neighborly, embrace the world.


Make it, fix it, or do it with your own two hands.


Create your own delicious delights, or relish in a tasty tale.

Graphic Novel

Experience a story told in pictures.


Journey back in time, fact or fiction, explore your own family tree.

Life Stories

Tell your own story, or learn about someone else's.


Anything and everything about the Great Lakes State.


See it on the screen, or read a cinematic story.


Hear it; live it; make some of your own.


Be a sleuth, solve a puzzle, investigate the unknown. 


Immerse yourself in the natural world around us.

Picture Books

Enjoy a story in words and pictures; on your own, or share with a little one.

Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Indulge in a quest futuristic or fantastic.


Celebrate athleticism, activity, and team spirit.


Let caped crusaders and everyday do-gooders inspired you.


Learn and engage in new ways.


Hit the road for new destinations.

True Facts

Quench your thirst for information.


Pursue a healthy body and mind.

World Culture

Expand your world and learn about other cultures.