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Unable to read everything on the right frame of this website

The new revised canton library website makes it difficult to read the entire contents of the right frame since the contents scrolls off the screen and no toolbars are provided for us to scroll to view the entire contents.

RSS feeds for new feature film DVD orders

Any chance you can make an RSS feed for whenever the library orders new feature film DVD's? This would allow quick/easy monitoring and ability to place holds before the waiting list gets too long.

Looking for new book

Hello I’m looking for a book but couldn’t find it anywhere in US. Is there any way that Canton Library get this book ? I would like to have my child read this book Title : “The Fox who ate books” Author : Franziska Biermann I’ve heard that there is English Translation version released recently..

American Song is a New Database

American Song is a history database that allows people to hear and feel the music from America's past. The database includes songs by and about American Indians, miners, immigrants, slaves, children, pioneers, and cowboys. Included in the database are the songs of Civil Rights, political campaigns, Prohibition, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, anti-war protests, and more.

The range of genres includes country, folk, bluegrass, Western, old time, American Indian, blues, gospel, shape note singing, doo-wop, Motown, R&B, soul, funk, and others. Content from African American Music is now a part of American Song, including 17,000 tracks from the original interface, plus 18,000 newly released tracks. Try this today and listen to some really interesting music!

Signing into my patron record

On the My Account page ( - why do I have to go click on a separate link to see my patron record? It's a bit annoying and it seems that there's plenty of room for a login & password right under the login to my account box.

Book returned but not checked in

I sent a previous message about a returned book that has not been taken off my record. I thought it was borrowed from another library but I was mistaken. It is a Canton PL book. I returned it in the inside book return over a week ago. "Perfection" by Julie Metz Could you look for it? Thank you

Lucky Day books

Might want to consider changing "You're Lucky Day" books to being about to check the book out for 3 weeks, but no renewal on the book. This is how the Plymouth Library does their "Lucky Day" books.

Overdue Books

I am out of town and have 2 books that I was unable to renew online. I won't be returning to Michigan until 1/25/10. What do I do? Thank you

A Dog Named Zelda

I often visit a blog called HardestLevel. It is a great video game blog with lots of reviews and interesting posts about gamer culture. Today I stumbled on a post about naming pets after video game characters. The author has a dog he named "Zelda". Many others posted, that they too had named their pets after video game characters. So, this got me wondering, have any of you named your pets after games or game characters?

Why can't 6th grader get on the 7-12....some 6th grader are the same age as 7th grader

why is that tell me.....cause every time they put people out....

40 Years of Sunny Days!

Today is the 40th birthday of Sesame Street! As the longest-running children's television show, Sesame Street has been around as many of us have grown up. Celebrate this special day and sing a verse of "Rubber Ducky," play some Sesame Street games, or stop in at the library where we have all kinds of Sesame Street materials.

Happy birthday, Sesame Street!

Infinity Health Pilates

This is an old version. The current version of this record is no longer maintained at Canton Public Library. View the most recent version at CantonWiki.
7986 Lilley Rd, Canton MI 48187
Class times listed on Website, Private sessions by appointment
Donna Gambino, PT, CPI
max_021.JPG Infinity Health offers Pilates mat classes, private training, postural evaluations, fitness and professional workshops. Classes and training are done by a licensed physical therapist and certified Pilates instructor with extensive knowledge in orthopedic injury and rehabilitation. No matter what your limitation you will be guided on a path to wellness designed just for you. Classes provide small equipment-magic circles, mini-balls, bands, straps, blocks, weighted balls and foam rollers. Meditation and relaxation techniques also performed in each class.
Donna Gambino is also the author of "On a Roll @ Home, Home Exercises for Core Strength and Massage on the Foam Roller" and "Age Perfected Pilates, Exercises Designed to Improve Posture, Strength and Movement". Business Address: 48086 Red Run Dr

New Telugu Books

We are putting new Telugu books on the shelf today. Cookbooks are always popular, so you might like to take a look at Veraiṭī vaṇṭalu : najarānālu, ciṭkālu by Kūturu Nīrajādēvi. Or take a look at the new fiction titles, including: Ṭēkiṭ ījī by Embīyas Prasād and Kōrikalē gurrālaitē by Ḍi. Kāmēśvari.

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If you'd like to see the newest items in our collection without constantly checking the New Materials lists, you can subscribe to updates via RSS.

For the uninitiated: RSS lets you get updates from your favorite websites without visiting them all the time. It's a huge time-saver. To get started using RSS, take a look at Common Craft's excellent tutorial, RSS in Plain English. To subscribe to our new materials feeds, just go to the Books & More page and click the orange icon [Feed Icon] next to the list link. Then add the feed per your aggregator's instructions.
We also have a bunch of other feeds for our blogs and such.

Subscribing to Bundles

Bundles are lists of feeds that you can subscribe to in Google Reader with one click. You can find our bundle listing on the Books & More page.

To subscribe to a bundle, just click on the [Bundle] link. If you are not already signed in to Google (or you do not have an account), click the "Sign in to subscribe" link and either sign in or create a new account. If you are signed in, the link will instead be a button with a blue plus sign — just click the button to subscribe to all the feeds at once.

If you use a feed reader other than Google Reader, you may be able to import the feeds in much the same way. On the bundle page in the right-hand sidebar is a link to an OPML file. If you download the file, you can then upload it to your RSS reader of choice and import all of the feeds.

HEHEHEE The Story.

OOC: Quick rules is that everyone is the Gamemaster. You have a main character for yourself. But if you introduce any 'side-kick' level characters other people can access them; they probably will be needed to carry the story in people's post. So don't be offended if they are used extensively. Or even taken away fully from your character to anotehr world. etc.
You can Meta-game just don't abuse it(do things you expect your character wouldn't know or is strangely out of his personality). Use it mostly to keep things funner and funnier.
If you have a message to another poster and not to his character. Put the message at the beginning of your post start the message with "OOC"; meaning "out-of-character".

Then when you want to go back to posting your cahracter's play. Start a new paragraph with "IC"; meaning 'In-Character'.

*morpheus and light chii appear*

Morpheus: I give you two choices. Your decision will determine your destiny.



Chii: Olive?

Morpheus: The standard "red" and "blue" dyes were all sold out. It was either that or mauve.

Chii: .....

Morpheus: ...or lavender. they had lavender too.

*chii rolls her eyes*

*morpheus holds out the two pills to Joe Monkey & Crew*



*chii turns to Daniel*

Chii: Those are some crazy contorted pills there...

Anaconda: Well, sorry. I forgot to close the tag.

*daniel closes the tag*

Chii: ... now they're not colored.

*daniel looks at the pills. both are green*

Anaconda: Bah! fine then!

*fixes the pills*

*chii glares at daniel*

Chii: now they're even worse!

*daniel growls*

Anaconda: well I don't care! let them look strange! they still work!

*daniel hands the pills back to morpheus*

Best Star Trek Film

I've heard that the even-numbered Star Treks are supposed to be better than the odd-numbered ones, though this theory doesn't hold up in my mind:

  • The Motion Picture was a snoozefest
  • Wrath of Khan = awesome
  • Search for Spock = underrated. Spoiler alert: they trick a bunch of Klingons onto the Enterprise, self-destruct it, then commandeer a Bird of Prey! Heck yeah!
  • Voyage Home = stupid. Random probe inexplicably disables all the futuristic technology, and for some reason the only terrestrial thing it can communicate with is a humpback whale? What? And apparently going really fast around the Sun slingshots you into time travel -- how come they don't do this more often, like sending a battle fleet to Wolf 359. Don't talk to me about the Temporal Prime Directive -- ST:IV was awful.
  • The Final Frontier, if nothing else, raises some questions about the nature of the Star Trek universe. Apparently it's quite difficult to leave the galaxy or go to its center. Shouldn't there be a supermassive black hole there? For that matter, how do you lay out a non-uniformely-rotating 3-dimensional spiral into quadrants? How come this is the first time we've heard about this half brother chap? Confusing, yes -- entertaining, kinda.
  • Undiscovered Country = In my mind, Kirk lost in negotiations with the Klingons by notably invoking Godwin's Law in an early scene. It all went downhill from there. If you like Shyamalan-esque predictable plot twists, this film is for you
  • Generations = awesome
  • First Contact = awesome
  • Insurrection = meh. w2g Picard tho
  • Nemesis = what's the deal with the Doctor Evil Reman Picard guy? LAME

I have high hopes for the new Star Trek film coming out this week. What do you think?


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Anyone been watching the new Fullmetal Alchemist? If so, what do you think? If you didn't know, you can watch it free online -yes, legally- here!

Thorndyke Thoughts

Hi Kids! It’s Thorndyke. Did you know that today is Administrative Assistants day? Administrative assistants is a big word for people who work really hard making sure things run smoothly and orderly. The Canton Public Library has lots of great administrative assistants. One of them works in the Children’s Library. Her name is Miss Erin. She does lots of great stuff for the children’s librarians. She makes all our Summer Reading Logs look so cool. You might also see her feeding the fish, or just generally being helpful. So if you see Miss Erin today, make sure you tell her thank you! We love you Miss Erin!

Bear hugs!

Who was Buckminster Fuller?

R. Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller was the architect, mathematician and inventor who popularized geodesic domes. Chosen by many today for energy efficiency, domes can be a fun do-it-yourself project. Want to build your own clubhouse? Check out Domes by David MacCaulay then make your own geodesic dome with these instructions.

Library is Star Struck Over Rating

The Canton Public Library is seeing stars after being identified as one of America’s star libraries by Library Journal’s Index of Public Library Service. One of only two libraries in the state to receive this rating, the Canton Public Library was awarded a three star rating. Read the full press release by clicking on the attachment.
StarRating.pdf24.79 KB